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Waterproof: FOAMGLAS® is waterproof because it consists of pure glass. Advantage: it does not absorb any moisture and it does not swell.
Vapour tight: FOAMGLAS® is vapour-tight because it consists of hermetically sealed glass cells. Advantage: it connot soak through and replaces the vapour barrier. Constant thermal insulation value over decades.
Incombustible: FOAMGLAS® cannot burn because it consists of pure glass. Fire index number 6.3 (incombustible) approved by VKF standards with TA n. 5273. Advantage: storage and processing not hazardous. No propagation of flames in the event of fire (chimney effect) in ventilation space.
Pest-proof: FOAMGLAS® cannot rot and is pest-proof because it is inorganic. Advantage: insulation without risk, especially in the soil. No basis for nesting, breeding or seed germination.
Dimensionally stable: FOAMGLAS® is extraordinarily incompressible even with long-term loads due to its cell geometry without deformation. Advantage: use as load-bearing thermal insulation without risk.
FOAMGLAS® is dimensionally stable because glass neither shrinks nor swells. Advantage: no warping, buckling or creep. Low coefficient of expansion, nearly equal to that of steel or concrete.
FOAMGLAS® is resistant to organic solvents and acids because it consists of pure glass. Advantage: no destruction of the insulation by aggressive mediums or atmospheres.
FOAMGLAS® is easy to work with because it consists of thin-walled glass cells. Advantage: with simple tools like a saw blade or hand saw FOAMGLAS® can be cut to any desired measurement.


Longe service life, safety, eco-friendliness and economic efficiency make Foamglas®

the favourite insulating material also in the South Tyrol. Many public buildings have been insulated with Foamglas®, among them: Indoor climbing wall - Brunico, Vocational School – Bolzano, Via Roma, Landhaus II and Landhaus Bozner Boden (administrative buildings of the Province of Bolzano), Chamber of Commerce – Bolzano, City Hall – Brunico, church – Laives, Scientific Highschool – Vipiteno, Free University – Bolzano, church and parochial centre – Firmian/Bolzano

F O A M G L A S ®  is the   I n s u l a t i o n   m a t e r i a l

made of foam glass to EN 13167
(European standard for foam glass in the building sector)

FOAMGLAS® products certified according to the criteria of:

Certified as ClimateHouse A+ and ClimateHouse Award 2011

Casanova Housing Cooperative Bolzano, Via Resia, insulated with 3600m² of Foamglas T4+ tapered slabs 20cm thick - green roofs;  Arch. W. Moroder + R. Palazzi, Bolzano

Pittsburgh Corning ha eseguito la mappatura del prodotto Foamglas® ed ha dimostrato che il prodotto contribuisce a soddisfare i requisiti dei crediti LEED.
Area Sostenibilità del Sito: SS c6.1 Acque meteoriche – Controllo della Quantità
Area Energia e Atmosfera: EA p2 Prestazioni energetiche minime; EAc1 Ottimizzazione delle prestazioni energetiche
Area Materiali e Risorse: MR c2 Gestione dei rifiuti da costruzione; MR c4 Contenuto di riciclato
Area Innovazione nella Progettazione: IPc1 Innovazione nella Progettazione


First, from the fusion of recycled glass, sand, dolomite, lime, iron oxide etc. a glass with precisely defined properties is obtained. Then, the glass is ground, mixed with a small amount of carbon and put in high-grade steel moulds. The moulds then pass through a furnace where the glass foam powder is expanded.This is how a material structure with thin glass air cells emerges, which are retained in a controlled cooling process. Due to the cell structure, millions of the smallest possible hermetically sealed glass cells give the material extraordinary compressive strength, waterproofness and good insulation values. Due to improvements in process engineering and in the energy supply (including hydroelectric energy and wind turbines) significant progresses have been achieved in recent years regarding air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, consumption of energy and resources.

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