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The insulation material composed of millions of completely sealed glass cells contains no organic nor inorganic binders. It is 100 percent glass. Recycled glass is the only raw material used, gained from defective window panes from cars and windows. Continuous modernization of the manufacturing infrastructures, optimized energy recuperation systems, and constant increases of the amount of recycled material have made it possible to reduce the energy consumption year after year.

FOAMGLAS® is free from environmentally damaging fire protection agents and propellants and does not contain any eco-toxicologically relevant components. FOAMGLAS® has an exceptional durability. The potential useful life of the insulation material corresponds to the one of the building. If, however, the insulation material should still be renewed, second use of FOAMGLAS® is possible as fill-in material for ditches in landscape architecture or as fill-in material for noise insulation walls. FOAMGLAS® complies with the specifications of the ELUAT-tests, and according to the declaration scheme D.093.09 of the Technical Directive for Waste Management (TVA) it is authorized material for inert waste disposal sites.

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