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J. Reinisch + Co.KG distributes Swisspearl Roof and Façade Systems of Eternit (Switzerland) AG  in the South Tyrol/Trentino, Venetia and Friuli Venetia Giulia. Architect Leo Reinisch gives advice and support to architects, planners and operators in any planning or execution phase of their projects

Subtle transparency

The large-size perforated SWISSPEARL panels allow for surprising effects. Closeness and transparency interact in a captivating way adding to the design. The perforated, 12 mm thick fibre cement panels are used for sliding shutter constructions as well as for fixed façade elements. In the factory they are individually holed or slotted and cut to the required size. Sliding shutter applications are individual, custom-made items referring to a specific object which require professional planning and production in close collaboration with the metalworkers and the façade construction contractors. Dimensions up to a maximum of 2500 x 1220 mm; individual holes or slots; standard colours NOBILIS, CARAT, PLANEA.

Attention to detail

When designing individual facades, every detail has to be looked at carefully. The continuous materialization of the window sill can give the window area a very special connotation. In the factory the 20 mm thick fibre cement panels are produced according to individual specifications. The surface of the sills in fibre cement are coated similarly to the Nobilis-shades. Max. dimension 2500x600 mm, thickness 20 mm; colours suiting Nobilis shades; further colours upon request.

Tiroler Goldsmith, Scena


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